Our Kittens - Q -

born May, 14  2019

M. IC UA*Royal Elf Bessi &
F. NW SC UA *Royal Elf Willy Wonka


UA*Royal Elf Quenny - girl

is available
color - chocolate siver tabby

 with white

UA*Royal Elf  Quartz  - boy is reserved,

color -  black silver tabby with white


UA*Royal Elf Quanta -  girl  is sold

color -  black silver tabby with white


UA*Royal Elf  Quentina - girl

is sold

color -   black silver tabby, 2 days

NOM BIS in FIFe cats show in Vinnitsa

UA*Royal Elf Quitty  - girl is available 

color - black silver tabby

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